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Evaluation kit

Craftel Evaluation kit

We sell Craftel evaluation kits at this page. A set of precut paper, skewers, and rubber bands.

Please prepare a blower separately. The larger the diameter of the fan, the better the walk.



- Easy cutting by hand

- We have 5 colors. We normally mix each colors if there is no color request.

- Currently sold version is β1.1 (stable version using skewers).

In addition to the number of orders, one more kit is included as a spare for free.


Shipping and order

- Shipping fee is including.

- The maximum amount of 1 order is 50 kits. If you need more, please feel free to contact us.




About shipment to USA and Europe

Our post office stopped to send package to USA and Europe now (June 9 2020) so  shipping to the places will be start after post office restart the service. I think it will take about 2~3 months if worst case.
But we can select another shipping way (will cost US$20 additionaly / order) which we can ship it smoothly, so please contact us if you're living in USA or Europe and need fast delivery. We're sorry to trouble you.

Number of kits

Here is the link for order kit:

It will look like this when completed !