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Evaluation kit

7. Making legs


1. Cut C-3, C-4 and C-5

*We're using the version 1.0 picutre. It's same to assemble version 1.1 too.

It's easy to make hole using skewer

This parts is fragile, so remove the hole carefully

2. Folding up the parts in C-4

The folding angle should be about 90 degrees.

*Please don't fold too rapid angle

3.Folding legs

4. Taping legs (please don't put tape on the holes)



5. Taping all legs

6. Installing C-3 to leg

It will be broken if turning powerfully.

Please put C-3 from the red circle position in the picture .

Please turn again if like this state

Installing C-3 to all legs.

3 for installing to left and 3 for right.

8. Installing legs


There're no "C-5" text in some kits.  We're sorry.

1. Cutting C-6 and prepare short skewer again

2. Putting C-6 to the short skewer

It'll be easy put skewer with rotating.

Please becareful not to get hurt by skewer.

3. Putting C-6 to both skewers


4. Putting leg to both front and rear skewers


5. Inserting skewers to the center leg  and crank

*Please check the picture


Please insert skewer to the red arrow point

If success, you can see skewer from 2 points like the right picture.


6. Puttnig center leg's link to rear skewers


7. Putting C-5 to both front and rear skewer


8. Making oposit side. 
Put leg to both front and rear skewers.


9. Inserting skewers to the center leg  and crank



10. Please check that the skewer is enough inserted and stable.



11. Putting center leg's link to rear skewer


12. Putting C-5 to both front and rear skewer


It'll be like this


12. Folding all toe parts to front direction like this picture



Completed to install legs



9. Making head


1. Cutting B-4(Face), A-3(Ears)

2. Folding face

Please don't forget to fold the side gray panel (right bottom picture)

3. Putting A-3(Ears)

4. Taping ear from back side of face

5. Taping each 4 corners

10. Installing head to body


1. Preparing the body and head

2. Pushing blue circle from inside and putting head's gray parts to cut line like this picture (2 places)

3. Taping for connecting head and body

4. Connecting face and left front leg using side gray panel (red circle in the picture)

11. Walking test


1. Checking that rubber band (large) hang like this

2. Using electric fan and let's watch it can walk well or not

It will be like this if success.

12. Additional function

It's almost complete to make Craftel.

But we prepared eye blinking function for enjoying more.

1. Cutting B-5, B-6, C-6

2. Removing the connection with head and left leg

3. Removing flat eyes on the face

4. Cutting rectangle hole to the both side.


5. Folding  C-6 like this

6. Taping C-6 to chasis. The white area in the chasis should be hide by C-6.

And inserting C-6 to face (red arrow)

7. Putting tape on the gray area of B-5

* Please put it like this picture

8. Taping B-5 to the white area of C-6


9. Looking from back. It should be like this.

10. Pass throw B-5 like this picture.

* The "UP" text should be up.

11. Folding B-5 and taping it.

12. Connecting face to leg again.


That's all to make the eye blinking function.

Eye blinking test by hand.  It will move smoothly like this.

Eye blinking test by walking. 
It will be like this.  Please try to adjust the movement by changing the C-6 parts position.

Thank you for making. That's all.
Could you make well ?

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