Instant robot powered by wind



Crafting guide



Evaluation kit

8.Making legs


1.Making hall by using skewer (All of the parts "D")

2. Cut D-1

3. Fold D-1

4. Put tape (*don't put tape on the hall )



7. Make 6 legs by same way

9.Making head


1.Cut C-1, C-2, C-4, B-3, B-4, B-5

2. Fold C-4 and C-1 (select 1 type of eyes)

3. Tape inside corner of C-4

4. Tape outside corner of C-4

5. Put B-3

6. Put C-1

7. Adjust the position of C-1 to become like this

8. Tape C-1 (don't tape on the cut line)

9. Tape B-3 like this

10. Insert ears to the cut line

11. Complete !

10.Installing purey



2. Put rubber band (large) through the metal wire

3. Install metal wire to the chasis

4. If correct, will be like this. Please check it can turn smoothly or not. If not, adjust the shape of the chasis or adjust the metal wire.

5. Tape to the cut line

6. Put rubber band like this

Version 8

7. Turn windmill and check it can turn smoothly

11.Installing Skewers



2. Insert skewer to the legs


4. Make 6 legs

5. Insert skewer to the chasis

6. Adjust the position of the skewer as center

12.Installing legs and linkgs


1.Cut D-2, D-3

2. Put 3 straw(shortest one) to each 3 axis

3. Put legs to each 3 axis

4. Put D-2 like this

5. Put one more D-2

6. Put one more D-2

7. Put D-3

8. Put D-3 to all axis

9. Tape to the metal wire like this

10. Turning windmill and check it can move

11. Make opposite side

12. Complete opposite side

13. Turning windmill and check it can move

14. If the rubber band is loose, you can adjust the tension of the rubber band by changing the hight of the tail

13.Installing head


1. Cut B-4

2. Fold B-4

3. Insert B-4 to the cut line of the chasis

4. Tape inside

5. Install head like this

6. Complete !?

14. Walking test


1. Using fan for test running

2. Putting weight to the forward for better performance

Trouble shooting

- Can not walk

 Please turn the axis of wind mill by your hand and find there are problem or not.

 The skewer of the legs sometimes crash to the body if the position is bad.

 If the rubber band too tight, please adjust it by changing the hight of the tail like this.

 If it moves smoothly turning by hand, the wind power of the fan may be low.


- Rubber band drops

 Check the position of the axis skewer of wind mill is center like this.

 Adjust the rubber band to more tight like this.


- Front legs are floating and can't walk

 Install weight like the picture 2.

 The power of the fan maybe too powerfull.

15. Additional function


1. Craftel can move head automatically by using strings

2. Remove head and tape the straw (about 15mm) like this

3. Tape the string to inside of the head

4. Tape strings to opposite side

5. Put strings through straw


7. Adjusting the angle of the head to look forward. And turn wind mill to adjust the hind leg to the same position like the picture.

8. Tape the strings to the backward of the hind legs. The tension of the both strings should not be loose.

You may need adjusting the position of the strings with walking test.

That's all to make Craftel. If you have any question or have problem, please contact us.