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Crafting guide



Evaluation kit

Crafting guide

We introduce about how to make a Craftel at this page. It's especially for making evaluation kit for now. The version of the Craftel is prototype v9.


1.Parts and tools

If you get an evaluation kit, you just need is a cellophane tape.  *The picture is version 7

You need an electric fan for walking test and if playing in the house.

If you want to make all by yourself, please find like these parts. You can download the print pattern from here.

2.Making windmill

We already cut the paper pattern, so you can separate it by hand.

1. Cut the parts A-1


3. Fold the wing along the folds

*Please don't fold too rapid angle

3.Making chasis


1. Cut B-1

2. Fold along the folds like this

3. Tape all 4 corners

4. Tape inside of the chasis (forward and backward)

5. Complete !

4.Making tail

1. Cut C-3

2. Fold in half

3. Fold top to "W" shape

4. Fold sides

5. Tape sides

6. Complete

5.Installing tail


2. put tail into the cut line on the chasis

3. Tape to the both sides

4. Put 50mm straw on the top and tape it


6. Complete

6.Installing windmill

1. 150mm(longest) skewer and rubber band

*If you're making version 8, you don't have to do

the step 1 ~ 4.

2. round rubber band to skewer


4. Adjust like this

5. Put the skewer in to the straw

6. Put windmill to the skewer

7.Cut B-2

8. Fold like this

9. Put B-2 to the skewer

10. Turn and adjust the angle of the windmill

11. Tape B-2 to the windmill

12. Check the skewer's position. It should be locate the center of chasis.If not, adjust the position of the straw.

13. Turn windmill and check it. If it turn smoothly, OK.

7.Making purey

1. Cut B-6

2. Fold like this

3. Tape the forward and backward

4. Insart metal wire with care

5. Tape the side

6. Fold these 6 parts to outside (only version 8)

7. The purey will be like this

8. Adjust the position of the purey

9. Using glue to both sides

10. It's finish to make purey